What should you know about Dubsmash?


You are checking the news of the walls of your friends and there they are… A lot of dubbed funny videos! Don’t you know how they record these amazing videos? They use Dubsmash! Would you like to find out more information about this lip-sync app? Read on and make your dreams come true with Dubsmash! Download it from the App …

DubSmash: A must have app


Are you looking for funny experiences? If you are a great fun of enjoyable apps, DubSmash will become one of your favourite ones since the very first moment! It is simply the perfect mixture of selfies, videos and amusement! Have you ever wanted to upload funny antics to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? With DubSmash it is easier than ever! …

Dubsmash for Tablets


Of course you have already watched a lot of Dubsmash videos! Your friends are always showing you their funny creations! And you are already sick and tired of being the only one who has never nothing to show! But you don’t want to download Dubsmash on your phone! Would you rather have the most popular lip-sync app of our time …

Dubsmash Users


Admit it. You are already an addict to this amazing app! You have a lot of dubbed videos and you are always trying to impress your friends with your funny ideas! Would you like to know who are the main users of Dubsmash? Everyone! Dubsmash is so easy to use that everybody can record Dubsmash videos! Read on to find …

Top 10 Dubsmash Songs


As you already know, Dubsmash is a popular app to record funny videos using soundtracks of your favorite films or songs. The goal of your selfie-video is being the most original one! Are you looking for new ideas to record your next Dubsmash video? Read on to find out our Top 10 Dubsmash Songs of the week! Don’t wait any longer! Download it …

Dubsmash: A popular app


Of course. You are a great lover of having fun. Sometimes alone and sometimes with your friends. Do you like amusing apps? Would you like to be the main character of your favourite scene? Do you want to parody this ridiculous song? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Dubsmash! We also answer your FAQ! Do …

Dubsmash: secrets


Undoubtedly, one of the most popular apps of this year is Dubsmash! An app to create selfie videos using famous voices, songs, and amazing soundtracks. This is a revolution in all the social networks, as it’s very funny and amusing! Would you like to have it on your phone or your tablet? Download it from the App Store or Google …

FAQ: Dubsmash


Do you want to know everything about one of the most popular apps of our times? Dubsmash is one of the funniest 2015 apps! Would you like to have your own videos using soundtracks of your favourite songs or being the main character of a scene of your favourite film? Download Dubsmash on your iPhone or your Android device and …

What is Dubsmash?


If you don’t know why Dubsmash is the most popular app of this year 2015, you must download it right now! The reason is simple: you’re missing the funniest app of our times! Have you ever wanted to record amusing videos dubbing your favourite film scenes or your favourite songs? Dubsmash is the lip-sync app that makes your dreams come …

Dubsmash for Android


Would you like to have the funniest app of our times on your Android device? You can get Dubsmash on Google Play for free right now! Dare to try the most popular lip-sync app of this year 2015! Surprise your friends with your amazing videos dubbing your favourite film scenes, characters, songs or even speeches of celebrities! It’s very easy to use!